Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Art Quilts, Fiber Arts, Textile Arts - who knows?

Whatever the name is (and there is a lot of debate about it) I make quilts that are for the wall and are considered art. I had a blog that I kept somewhat up to date with pictures of my art quilts until several months ago. The format changed and I could no longer figure out how to include the pictures with text. Go figure... Since my blog is more concerned with pictures than with words I decided to start all over.

I am currently preparing for my first ever gallery show at Waverly House Gallery in Springfield, Missouri. The artist's reception will be held October 3rd from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. My work is being shown along with that of two enamel artists, Sarah Perkins and Tammy Kirks and will be featured through the month of October.
I started exhibiting my work at Waverly House in February and have sold several pieces. Here are some pictures of those quilts that have gone to live with someone else:

This work is HIDDEN TREASURES II and represents the Ozarks where I live. It is approximately 20" x 26".

This small abstract is called BLUE CORN CANYON. It is approximately 14" x 18".

This work is GUSTAV'S GARDEN . It was inspired by a painting by Gustav Klimt. It is 23" x 27".
OUTBACK BOOGIE is one of my favorite quilts. It features a frilled lizard on keyboard that reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis rockin' on out. It started with the koala and my idea that he should be playing a stand-up bass. This is one I sort of regret selling because it was a great deal of work and is fun. It is approximately 40" square.
GAILLARDIA was inspired by a photo I took in my backyard. It was the result of an assignment in one of Susan Brittingham's Quilt University classes. It is approximately 20" x 26".
IRIS II also resulted from Susan's class. I made another quilt, Big Blue Iris, for her class and liked it so much I used the pattern I had made to make this one. It is approximately 22" x 26".