Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gallery Show Was a Success

My show went off without a hitch in October. Except for the part where I forgot to take any pictures until we were ready to leave. I took two quick photos and didn't even get a panorama of all my work. I was so pleased at the number of people who took the time to come see my work. My old friend George Remenar and his wife Cathy (3rd from right) made the trip from Eureka Springs and Lyle and Marilyn Adcock came in from Ft. Scott, Kansas. Good friends Denny and Carolyn Detert are the other two in the picture above. They came over from Joplin. And many dear friends who live in Springfield came to show their support. Lots of other perfect strangers came too. I know they are perfect since they admired my artwork. And even bought some.

Pieces that were sold are:

SUNBURST: This was my 2007 Journal Quilt. Before the show I cropped off the black and white checks and refaced the quilt. It is now in the collection of the Adcocks.

COON: This is currently my favorite quilt I've made - but it went to a very good home.

SAW WHET OWL: This is a detail picture of the quilt - I can't seem to locate the full shot but I know it is pictured in an earlier post.

ORNAMENTAL CABBAGE: My sweet friend Merrilee Tieche was the covert purchaser of this piece. I didn't know she had bought it for a month. She can keep a secret.

FRACTURED FIRE: This smaller piece was made in response to one of the Fast Friday Challenges.

I am delighted that I had the opportunity to have a show but I am also glad it is over. You will note that it has taken me two months to make this blog entry. I have just lazed around and done very little art work. But I have done some real labor - Bob and I decided to put new flooring in the kitchen, dining and laundry rooms and put a tile-like laminate down. My role was to act as a shim. Not too challenging. Then we put hardwood in the living room and hall. This time I got to be the cut-man and run the chop saw and install some of the flooring. I was feeling pretty cool running the saw except for the part where I had to close my eyes when I got to the actual cut. But at least I can act like I had an important role - much improved from being a human shim.