Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Bright Eyes

This small quilt (16" x 20") jumped into my mind a few weeks ago.  The front is completely free-motion stitched.  The little saw-whet owl is thread painted and all the pine needles are thread sketching.  The moon is composed of angelina fibers.

After searching for a good background, I came upon my last piece of fabric that I bought from Ellen Anne Eddy six years ago.  And it was perfect.  Then I looked back through my gallery of quilts and realized my favorite work had been done with her fabrics as background.  So I am now watching daily for a new box containing many yards of her fabric.  I feel like a kid waiting for her first bicycle!

I'm on my way to Waverly House Gallery to take this latest work.  I may have to make another for myself because I'm very fond of it.