Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dandelions and Hollyhocks

After a long, unproductive winter, I finally have made something new.  This piece is called "Dandelions and Hollyhocks".  It is 22" x 36".  I had such a good time making it from beginning to end.  I especially enjoyed the quilting - there are actually some feathers surrounded by stippling - not something I usually do.  For once I tried to actually think about the quilting enhancing the quilt rather than just going into a Zen state and seeing how it worked out.  Okay, I did do quite a bit of that too.  It was also fun to return to my bright colors and there is even a bug appliqued on.

This is another of Ellen Anne Eddy's light source fabrics.  I auditioned several backgrounds and this piece brought the picture to life.




Judy Ferguson said...

It really is a wonderful wall hanging. Hope to see it in person soon.

Jan said...

Beautiful! Well done after a long winter's contemplation.

Linda Turner said...

There's no harm in having a rest! These are just beautiful with such vibrant colours it brightens up what is proving to be a very dull, dark winter!