Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still going to the dogs

This little quilt is based on my friend Vivian's dog, Barbee. Barbee is not a pup but somehow I've brought out her inner child. I found it much more difficult to work with a more limited color range. Next I am going to try a cat portrait - Merrilee's Clio. I'll post when it is finished.


TextileTraveler said...

I love all your dog "portraits," but this one is especially touching!

Judy Ferguson said...

Roberta, dear, you are truly going to the dogs, but that is a good thing. I love your blog. You're the best.

Vivian Terbeek said...

I think you got Barbee's exact look. She is very sweet. She approves 100%. It is now hanging on our wall next to Muffin the cat's portrait.